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I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and without all of the ridiculous, horrible, and awesome things that have happened to me I would not be the person I am today, and without what happens today I will not be the person I'm supposed to be tomorrow.
I'm sure that the world has great things in store for me, I just have to find them.

If one can call a place outside of both fiction and reality home, that's what I would call this. This is my home.

This blog is purely for me, it's my place to be as geeky as I want, be as hipster as I want, to just be me. This being said, I'm also generally a pretty nice person, and i'd love to chat with you.

"One way to get the most out of life is
to look upon it as an adventure."
- William Feather

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jamestkirkish said: But if the Beast was really a Timelord then where was his fob watch? Nevermind don't answer this. I need to go to bed, and think about my life. Oh goodness...

Oh I am answering! :D When Cogsworth becomes a human again, there’s a watch dangling from his jacket. My bet, that’s it.

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I am the ultimate geek.

And I do mean ultimate. As in there is truly no surpassing my inner geek. I am crafty about keeping a calm, and less then geeky composure.



Like. For real. I seriously must appear so calm on the outside, but inside my chest feels like it’s burning to pieces by my geeking out and all my crazy shipping.

Whether it’s books, or tv shows I just can’t seem to get enough. My head seriously plops myself into another world and it’s like I’m 10 and playing pretend all over again.


Without the running around and jumping off of things….I promise!

Also, I watched Beauty and the Beast tonight. The last time I watched Beauty and the Beast was long loooonnnng before my Doctor Who obsession. I have some pretty important comparisons to point out that I’m sure have no ACTUAL relevance to each other. But still. Check this out.

Beauty and the Beast: 

Keep in mind he was dying. He was totally dying. We all thought he was dead the first time we saw the movie, until the golden light shot out of him and he CHANGED

Doctor Who:

For those of you who aren’t aware. The Doctor regenerates when he is dying. He was dying. And a golden light shot out of him. 

And guess what.


Therefore I have come to the conclution that the Beast/Prince. Is a Timelord! My childhood just improved. :D

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